Tuesday, 4 March 2008

I Love Guns

I've been up in Santa Cruz recently being real ill and unable to skate. Birdo from consolidated informed me that when you can't skate there's only one thing to do up there, shoot guns!

This is us setting off. Luckily I had the correct shirt on for shooting.

From left to right, pump action shotgun, AR-15, 9mm handgun, AK-47, my new 20 dollar camera.

The shotgun hurt like fuck when I fired it!

Birdo busted out 8 shots real quick and just laughed it off.

AK-47 all day.

The AR-15 was my favourite. I shot the shit out of a lot of cans and bottles of water with this bad boy.

Big thanks to Birdo and Leticia for looking after me while i was up in Northern California. They rule!

I think I blog too much, where have Nicolson and Schooner gone?


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