Friday 11 April 2008

Sardine Land

So here is a little story in pictures from a recent trip to the island of Sardinia with Cates, Boots, Styley, our friend John Tanner and myself. Not an official Death trip, more like some mates trying to escape the British winter shitness! Enjoy!

Styley organised and drove the hire car, something which is essential in Sardinia. Thanks Styley!!
It really makes a difference driving to a spot rather than walking miles everyday and being too tired to even stand up, let alone skate! (Rather like our Istanbul skate/hiking trip we went on two weeks later. Blog coming soon!)

Our accommodation was pretty ghetto, we wouldn't have minded but the room Boots and I were sharing had seven blankets on the bed, which caused some confusion til the first night- Below zero temps, window and doors with huge gaps and NO HEATING!

We were also woken up at 6am every day with what sounded like chickens and a heard of goats on the roof.

Boots ruined his ankle the very first time we tried to skate! Rested for three days (Torture on a trip like this) and then rolled it again! Luckily it was nothing too serious, he's fully better now.

No coping? No problem!


A mini broom for a mini Cates.

Sardinia RPRZNT!!!

Boots tried setting up a new board to cheer himself up.... didnt work.

Here you have the standard rewind huddle, with the added bonus of it being Styley who was getting his shred on for the camera.

It never feels like you are on holiday until you get in the sea. Fucking freezing.

A Cactus

An out-of-season water park is the stuff dreams are made of! Unfortunately too much mess, not enough hours of light, too many miles to drive back and too many weird farmer/inbred lurkers around. A real shame, we tried our best!

This restaurant was next door to the ice hotel and made up of loads of hollowed out tunnels. We had pizza for dinner here everyday! Eight euros with a beer, so rad.

Poser of the month! We looked for this hubba high and low. Captain Styley found it on the second to last night! Dan recreates a photo that was taken here once, shortly before Boots tried skating on his balloon ankle one last time and did one of the best things i have ever seen in my life.

Well, see ya later!


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