Monday, 16 June 2008

Where Has Nicolson Gone?

Where indeed has Mark Nicolson gone? Back in the day if he wasn't out skating he would be online and editing up all kinds of magic. For starters, he's gone and got himself a job packing shoes at Motel6. Also, he's moved in with his bird to a new place with no internet which has really thrown a spanner in the works for his blogging. We went to Belgium too and he's sitting on a lot of amazing photos(see below). Here he is on the ferry with two of Harlow's toughest residents.
When we try and go skate it snows.

Alot of his time and attention has been spent looking after his "baby" Mary, but now shes all grown up so he can get back on the shredding. Their favourite site

Heres a his part in Cates good old video "squadrophenia" which is still available in all fine skate stores

Hopefully he will get the internet at his new place soon and then eventually get his arse back on the raidar so we can bro down again


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