Thursday, 4 September 2008

Lost Words

Ooooops! Seems like a few things I said in my little interview on the Document website got lost in translation. Here's all the questions plus my answers.

Hey Horsey, How’s the vote rigging going? Haha
  • Haha, fuck knows what's going on there. No vote rigging i swear. I guess kids are really into beanplant fakies and hippy jumps this year.

Looks like it might be between you and Benson for the win, you sweating?
  • Nah, I got it in the bag hahaha

Were you stoked on this year’s Big Push?
  • You mean the whole big push DVD? I thought it was sick. it pissed it down for a week, but everyone got loads of good stuff. If I was a kid getting that free in a mag I'd be so stoked.

Do you think it was a good showcase of the UK talent?
  • Yeah for sure. There's a lot of amazing skaters in this country, the more people get to see of them the better.

From past experience I know it’s long days and nights on Death’s Big Push, did you ever consider flaking out?
  • Fuck no!! On the second year when I didn't get to go I was so bummed. It's a week of skating, fucking about, swimming in the sea, free Tesco breakfasts, going to places you'd never go etc. As a skater what more could you want?

For you, what was the best point on the trip?
  • I reckon on the last morning when we was at the Tottenham BMX park and the sun was coming up sitting with Moggins, pissed and listening to wet wipes on repeat as Benson skated something that was on fire was pretty epic.

Best rumour about another team that was circulated?
  • I heard that Smiffy did a benihana down the twelve at South Bank

Who was in charge of the blog?
  • Cates took sole charge of the blog. He took all the photos, wrote all the captions, ordered Moggins to take his jeans off at every opportunity even at five in the morning when our tire blew out on the motorway. He did a great job doing all that technical stuff considering a year ago he didn't have a email or know how to turn a computer on.

Was that treated as seriously as Percy made out it had to be?
  • Percy kept phoning up and moaning that we hadn't done it or the photos weren't good enough. I think Cates may have told him to go fuck himself but they kissed and made up and everything was sorted out in the end.

As a percentage, how much download bandwidth from that mobile broadband key was used to view Myspace or Facebook /view porn/maintain your own blog / view other teams blogs?
  • Fuck all! We weren't allowed near that thing. We heard that you guys had put about a fivers credit on it so it was pretty much strictly business

How many, on average, man-on-man things did Moggins and Steak conjure up within a 24 hour period?
  • Way too many! Sitting in the van for five hours a day sort of gives you cabin fever which makes everyone get all gay. Probably every trip I have been on pretend gay stuff seems to occur. You think most girl skaters have got it right by just fully going with it?

Out of all the attendees this year (all teams), who surprised you the most?
  • Magee

What’s your take on the interest Magee’s comments have drawn?
  • I think it's pretty hilarious to be honest. I know two of the Blueprint guys that went on the big push have said that they were embarrassed by their own article. I reckon people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

Does it make Team Death pussies that they sleep in hotels every night?
  • Yeah totally! Also apparently we had to get up early every morning and weren't allowed to drink. I wish we was more hardcore.

Things to do differently for next year?
  • Keep it more freestyle.


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