Saturday, 20 September 2008

Mein muter ist ein sheizer kopf

Last week myself, Cates, Nicolson, Steak, Amoss, Boots and Sam Ashley went on a wee trip to the lovely country of Germany and to the fine city of Berlin. A stellar time was had by all! Tricks were landed, beers were drunken, nuggzz were anhilated and hearts were broken. Here's a few snaps

my on plane essentials

the trains are sorta free. no ticket gates or inspectors.

cates likes sausages

free street water

cates is as cates does

steak in his natural enviroment

nicolson attempts to cool down

that way crook

2 handsome young men

he loves it

hot chill spot in the city. 65 cent beers inside, bench outside and sprowters all over the place

1 euro for a litre of wine. steak lost his mind that night!

this skatepark was made to look like the berlin wall. its about 11foot high with 5 foot of vert. so gnarly but rad

ya get me

mr simon evans lives in berlin nowadays

even radder than it looks. you probably wont go here, gutted!

smashly and cates

flanels cool right?


yup, we hit the berlin wall up


poser of the year

funky dank

its always 420 for amoss

keeping it english

troy west made a surprise visit

this thing scared me. david gonzalez went down it switch

you know how we do

its pretty safe to say that berlin will never be the same again!
so many good spots, cheap food and booze, free trains. the new barcalona?
roll on berlin 2009


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