Monday, 13 October 2008

Bercy Shows No Mercy

I just got back from a little week long kr3w trip to Paris. There was no real plans, just skateboarding. In between the rain and wind we shredded, partied and ate a lot of bread based food. Here's a few snaps.

Manu was in charge of the show and was ripping hard!

Ellington kickflips as Greco gets papped

This guy was there. Purple passion

The Muska! 0.5 seconds before he busted his leg. Get well soon mate

Muska broke off

Artsy stuff right here

Furby skating the big 5 backwards. So gnarly!

2 Greco's

2 Lizard's

Furby is a badman!

The kr3w at dinner

I saw a guy walking his dog going along the top jump over the wall and down the 30ft drop to his hip. the dog jumped too and landed on him. i think he thought there was grass there. ouch!

Lizard's passion boots!

Straight off the plane hammers by Furby

Sorry, I have way too many photos. For more paris kr3w stuff click HERE


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