Friday, 14 November 2008

Highs and Lows in Belgium

Just exactly how many good times and bad times can be had in one weekend?
Horsey, Monk, Kyle Green, Tom Booze and myself went to see some bands play in Belgium a couple of weekends ago and didnt quite know what we were letting ourselves in for.

We saw some amazing bands play, met and hung out with some incredible people, and spent what felt like 24 hours of every single day laughing. Well, until the last day that is....

Kyle pre-nightmare ankle breaker
Kyle Anklebreaker Belgium

White Cliffs and Booze

Mandatory ferry shots with traditional breakfast beer (Monk not pictured)Ferry Crew 2

It seemed a good idea at the time...

After breaking into Joe Gray's house (his window was wide open) and playing an improvised gig in his studio, we met him for some classic Belgian style breakfast

Breakfast with Joe (note the self-induced, multi layered blue denim suit)
Grayson Breakfast 2

Wherever you go there always seems to be a Dibs look-a-like
Breakfast Club

At Joes house we found a dead mouse in the shower.....
Dead Mouse

A entire room filled with crucifixes....
Beer and Crosses

...then Kyle rode a dog around the house like a horse
Kyle Riding Dog

Monk and Dog
Monk and Dog

Kyle and Horsey
Belgian Streets

Belgian Buildings......exciting stuff
Belgian Building
Belgian Building 2

Some lady said we were disrespecting this War Memorial by skating it, I fully understand where she was coming from but I am convinced if they were all this skateable more youngsters would show an interest in the history behind it

I haven't got any skate photos so another awful moustache shot will have to doMoustaches

As night fell the inevetable happened. Drinkers get your drink on, smokers get your smoke on

Wine helmet
Kyle Wine Helmet

Smokey Monk!
Smokey Monk

DJ Horsecock
Horsey DJ
Beers at Joes

When 12 midnight strikes its time to hit the punk rock bar - "Bar 219", which had live bands and everything!
Bar Gig
Tom Booze and NicolsonNicolson and Kyle Bar

Which way to Sexyland!?!
Sexyland Crew

Fuck knows whats happening here

It all kinda gets blurry from here.....luckily
Nicolson and KyleKyle and Falcon Sign
Nicolson and MonkKyle and Monk
....we eventually found our way way home and passed out


What better way to sweat out a hangover than to go for a rip around the localskatepark, which just so happens to be a couple of blocks away from Joe's house

Kyle in skatepark

Kyle was getting groovy with the bump whilst strangers asked me how much my camera is worth
Kyle ollie bump

This guy walked right in front on one of Kyles ollies, but with facial hair like that, how can you get mad?

Man in park

Horsey wallied over the jersey barrier into the bank.....Horsey wallie still
Horsey Wallie Into Bank Belgium

...and then busted the hero line over the hip and rail (i cut off your head on the mega tweaked one - sorry bro)
Horsey ollie hip and rail

Conclusive proof that Tupac is alive and well in Belgium!

2Pac Lives

To celebrate this fact Kyle suddenly busted out some secret freestyle moves...
Kyle Pogo

...but quickly wore himself out both mentally and physically
Kyle Having Fun


Come evening time we found ourselves at another much bigger gig, with 4 or 5 bands playing. Somehow we wandered into the VIP, completely unchallenged we helped ourselves to free booze and some fantastic pasta!

Band 1
Band 2
Tom Booze and Monk

...all ended up at Joes one way or another and let off a bit of steam before bedtime
Monk plastic face 1
Monk plastic face 2


Before leaving for the ferry Horsey had just enough time for a hungover drop in outside Bar 219, on what Joe would call "A metal dinger"
Horsey Drop In Metal Dinger Belgium

Kyle was upset to be leaving, but not as upset as he was gonna be a few hours later...


Kyle went for a swim in near freezing sea water at Calais, he should have kept going all the way back to England....
Kyle Swimming

Kyle is unaware of the imminent fuck up coming his way...

Kyle Swim 2

Just about to board the ferry and boom there it is! DENIED

Kyle Denied

Poor Kyle got refused entry back into the UK and had to stay in France until he goes back to the USA. They interigated him for 3 hours whilst locked in a windowless room, with not even so much as a cup of tea, whilst we all sat in the car outside watching ferry after ferry depart back to the UK. They simply didn't believe that he had a ticket back to America and was gonna stay in secret or some shit. What a joke. At a time when all the newspapers are filled with uninsured people living here illegaly who are crashing cars, running people over or stabbing/robbing people in broad daylight, you would think that a quiet, polite chap such as Kyle would be allowed to spend the last 2 weeks of his european holiday with his buddies in harrow? He had a FULL month left on his visa anyway! they still refused him!

So if you ever find youself in a similar position being quizzed by border control officers over what have you been doing in England for 5 months, whatever you do, do not say skateboarding! What a sad state of affairs when telling the truth is the wrong answer. FUCK THEM.

Hope you got home safe buddy, hope you can come back here soon!
Kyle sunglasses


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