Friday, 28 November 2008

Out-dated updates

Sorry for being so slack lately with the updates. It's the bloody credit crunch init. Here's some news

Here's a picture of Melcher's latest Dekline pro shoe. You should probably go get yourself a pair then you could maybe rip as hard as he does

Ahh look at these 2 lovely lads. This picture goes out to Jerome at shiner. Cates and Nicolson would like to remind him and the entire world that they both still ride for fury and they are the best trucks ever

Cates has been locked up in his secret bunker concocting some sort of new mega board

Hold tight Simon Woodstock

Sidewalk photographer gangster and all round good lad Chris Johnson has gone and gotten himself one of them sweet interviews. Check it out HERE

Thats all for now chaps. More coming soon, maybe


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