Saturday, 15 November 2008

We mean you no farm

Rhys Grogan just got back into Sydney. He had to house sit his folks' farm for the first couple weeks so me and Richie thought we better go spend the night out in the country and have a laugh with one of our favourite humans.
Unfortunately Richie and Rhys don't really know how to operate SLR's so I was designated photog bitch. I was still psyched though.

There he is. Such a handsome horse.

Richie was so psyched when we arrived he broke out in dance with a dog.

An interesting character we met along the way.

Plenty of horseys.

An ass. Not a real horse.
This is where Rhys learnt to shred as a grom. A little make shift flat bar he had set up over grass right outside his front door.

Standard issue Grogan shred.

After coming back from a few months stay in England, Rhys couldn't help but complaion about the size of Australian tinnies. He was still psyched though.

Bbq time.
We all had a tasty buzz by now and I'm glad to say it was an accident free 2 days in Rhys land.
The burgers always look jacked when you first put em on.

Richie comforting his little sausage moments before chowing down.

Story time! The BEST time. Rhys' manor is the shit.

Full moon. Fuck!

Glad to have you back Rhys!
Thanks for cleaning up!


Blogger Horsey said...

London is where Rhys belongs

17 November 2008 at 14:21  

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