Saturday, 9 May 2009

Disasters on the way to a Consolidated demo in Berkley

Melcher, Zarosh and myself left L.A yesterday and drove up the coast to Zarosh's hometown of Monterey. Zarosh's friend broke his foot before we left so a trip to the hospital made us 4 hours late to leave. Then a couple hours into the journey we hit up a school to bomb some hills and look at some spots and Zarosh managed to do this to himself

Then four hours after that we ran out of gas on the highway and were stranded for a hour until a tow truck came and took us the 2 miles down the road to a truck stop for a nice 100 dollars. This morning his foot is a lovely purple/blue so we're going to the hospital. We're still going to the demo tho. Melcher is in tip top shape and i count for about half a person so we're good to go. Zarosh is on filming duty so footage from it coming soon


Blogger james jones said...

get well soon zarosh x

10 May 2009 at 12:34  
Blogger zarosh said...

im okay, its not broken. ill be skating in like two weeks.
freakin hurt though

12 May 2009 at 00:14  
Blogger james jones said...

thats good,i pretty much did the same thing a couple of months back it sucks for a while but it gets back to normal.

keep shredding X

12 May 2009 at 10:09  

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