Monday, 21 September 2009

Lucky 7's with Monk

Here's a new little feature "Lucky 7's with Monk". It's just 7 question's from Deaths part time filmer and full time madman Dan Monk.

Today its with Richie Jackson

1 hi featch,where are you right now?

1. Hi Monk! I just got back to Sydney.

2 you have been travelling around for a while now,where have you been?

2. Was in the US for three months, LA and NY. I also went to Canada but I barely remember it because I was pretty messed up!

3 how was the berrics,it looks good fun there?

3. Yes, it's really good fun. Slippery as fuck.

4 i moved out of my flat recently and found one of your smelly ipath socks,how are ipath treating you?

4. Ipath fly me around the world and treat me well! Wouldn't want to ride for any other shoe company.

5 now i know your a filming mad case,whats the latest thing youve filmed or is it top secret?

5. Secret

6 any plans for the new year?

6. I plan on getting used to looking at "2010"

7 last words?

7. Create your mark on the planet while you're here!


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