Thursday, 24 September 2009

Lucky 7's with Monk


Monk's back with 7 questions for death very own caveman Moggins

1. Yo moggins, where you at mate and how are you?

1. Eyup!! Im in Chesterfield at the moment gonna go down the skateapark, Im alright tired as fuck from the ripped allnighter the other night still but fuck it!!

2. You was over in the usa recently, how was it?

2. America was sick as fuck!! Got to skate pools, mt baldy and the berrics!! Plus theyve got amazing weed and tiny beers that you can drink hundreds of.

3. So you've been building some terrain,whats the deal there?

3. Yeh the wizard ditch!! Me and my mate Tom have been cementing some stuff down there, Ive had some more inspiration after skating Zarosh's DIY park.

4. I've seen some of your footage for the next vid and im down,have you
been filming much lately? any bangers?

4. Not been filming loads recently Ive just bought a camera and a lens so we've been practicing with it before we go and try and film owt good.

el moggins

5. Now the winter is nearly here,where will you be skating?

5. As if the winter's gonna stop me!! Just gotta go to a park or find someehwere undercover to shred!! Ive got some screws and shit in my ankle that ache like fuck in the cold weather though.

6. Any plans for the new year?

6. Hopefully there'll be the usual beginning of the year death trip away to some strange place. Beers and bro-downs!!

7. Last grunts, i mean words?



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