Saturday, 3 October 2009

Lucky 7's with Melcher

Lucky 7's with Mad Monk is back. This time its with Mr Patrick Melcher

1. Yo patrick, first of all how are you and where are you right now?

On the roof of my loft building in downtown LA. I have my feet dipping in the jacuzzi and a beautiful view of Skid Row just off to the left. I think I can see 2 junkies fighting over a piece of chicken and a crack hooker screaming at them.

2. You have had a few visitors over at yours this year from the death team, got any storys on who was a good/bad house guest?

Well The Featch was here for three entire months, I don't care who you are, 3 months is too long to post up anywhere. he spent all day every day at the berrics and nights on the computer making up techno songs using 80's movie quotes as the rhythms.
before that Horsey was here for a few weeks and passmore before that, Moggins just left this morning, that dude smells. He hadn't showered in 3 weeks so i took him up here and pushed him in the swimming pool just to wash off a little bit of the filth.

3. Whats it like at the Berrics? Is it as good as it looks to shred there?

Usually I go in the mornings, there's nobody there tat early so I get to be the one who chooses the ipod music for the day. Then dudes start showing up and it turns into a party, there's nothing like watching the DGK dudes skating while Minor threat is playing on the sound system.

4. You won the facial hair comp this year, what are your plans for your tash now?

Actually I placed 2nd at the world championships. So , I guess I have some work to do. Lately I've been lulling it to sleep with stories of victory and triumph that are to come in 2011 when we go to compete against the best in the world.

5. You came over to england last year, did you like it or hate it?

Death camp is the best, Zorlac rules, and the whole team rips. I had a great time and am planning a return visit soon.

6. Do you have any plans for the new year?

Working on video parts and traveling. I am also working on a Television show and a fashion store in LA and I am developing my own brand of moustache wax which will be available at finer beauty salons in the states.

7. Last words?

“The moustache is the evolutionary next level to enlightenment” Oscar Wilde


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