Tuesday 6 October 2009

Monks Lucky 7's with Ben Cundall

Whats that you say? You thought he was dead??? No no silly he's just been hiding up in Leeds for a while but now hes back down south and back on board. Here's Ben Cundall's lucky 7's

1 Hi Benjamin how are you and where you at right now?

1. I'm at home in Hertfordshire right now. possible moves in the pipeline.

2 Now i know you went to nass this year but have you been travelling outside the country and skating?

2. I've not left the country since India in 2005 but have a new passport and want to go away soon! perhaps we should go away together.

3 I saw you skating the other day and i must say you was ripping, can we expect a full part next vid?

3. Thanks for saying I was ripping. Money is tight but i'm breaking the bank and getting a proper camera set-up to help to film a part for the new video. I'm hoping if i don't get injured and put in 110% I will have a part that some people will like.

4 Now your on nike, how are they treating you and what are the shoes like?

4. Nike send regular packages and the shoes are the best i've ever skated. They are bring out a book in december which i will be in so everyone should check that out.

5 Your clothing range has gone from baggy pants and yo boy t-shirts to im enjoying a pimms if you dont mind sunday wear, is it working with the ladies?

5. I still wear large shirts, just no sweatpants or baggy jeans. As for the sunday afternoon Pimms look you just caught me at a festival in the sun...wanker.

6 Any plans for the new year?

6. Hopefully i'll be able to just get a part time job and save money to travel and film for the new video. I qualified as a lifeguard a few months ago so have been doing that.

7. Last words?

7. You havn't seen the last of me yet!


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