Friday, 16 April 2010

Adam Moss interview

Adam Moss aka Amoss has been keeping things pretty chill recently. He is more than happy just to be living down in cornwall, skating with his mates everyday, praising Jah and listening to Biggie. But, that for sure doesn't mean he isn't constantly on the grind! He's working on a haunts for SIDEWALK magazine right now and filming non stop for the upcoming Death video "Ordinary madness".

We caught up with him and asked him a few dumb questions...

Top 3....

Rappers of all times

Brotha Lynch Hung.
Devin the Dude

Tour snacks

Fruit bags
Any mc donalds
Double deckers

Tricks you wish you could do:

Frontside handplants
mc twists
Gnar jars

Video parts ever:

Heath Kirchart and jeremy klien- the end
Louie barletta - bag of suck
Arto Saari- sorry

UK skaters to watch out for:

Steven Rhodes
Christian Watts
Joe Venthem

Quotes from trips:

"and i thought two guys bumming was gay"- moggins
"dogs are stupid, look at it its not even wearing any clothes" -Nicholson
''lets just go somewhere big we can chuck these cunts off''- Cates

Tricks you have witnessed with your own eyes:

Alex Perelson- 900,
Boots- backside noseblunt a big ass hubba.
Andy scott- backside crailslide frontside out

Trips you have been on:

Canary islands -2010
Big push 07

Things you couldn't live without:

weetabix mini choc chip


Snoop Dogg.
Bryan Herman.
Dave Chappelle

All photos by CJ

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