Sunday, 19 September 2010


Our distributor in Japan is Advance Marketing. Mike, Kenji and the rest of the crew hooked us up really good. We were there for the 'Supercharged' Tim Brauch documentary premiere. They have poured a load of concrete to skate in their carpark, it was so sick.
Here is some footage of the SUPERCHARGED jam filmed by the Magical Mosh Misfits crew.
Oh, thats Kenji at the beginning of the footage and our Death rider in Japan called 'Shige' at the end. Shige is gonna be in the next Death vid, he is ripping.
We hung out at Advance after the premiere for a few days, Kenji and co showed us some good spots.
This is Styley, Pete Koff (made Supercharged) and Zarosh getting their hands dirty.


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