Saturday, 27 March 2010

Melcher and Party

Hot new clip over at THE SKATEBOARD MAG website with Melcher and his pooch Party. Check it HERE

Friday, 26 March 2010

Death Facebook fanpage

If you are on facebook and not a fan of Death you are definately blowing it!!!
get involved now right HERE!/group.php?gid=79695903039

Death demo this Sunday at Broadstairs in Kent

These guys will probably be there:
Mark Nicolson
Dan Cates
Nick Zorlac
Ronny Calow
Rob Smith
Mark Radman
Jake Shunt

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

"Dont stop believing" Dan Cates

"2 badman pimps" is how Cates described this photo of him and Penny

Cates insisted this live video of Journey be put up on the blog because it's so damn sick

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Has this been on the blog before?

Who cares

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Motel6 advert

Me and Monk just whipped this up for Motel6 skateshop in Harlow

Have you seen this man?

If you have then please call the Death HQ asap

Friday, 19 March 2010

Steak and Cates dirt-boarding action

We just uploaded this old chestnut from last summer or the one before to our Mpora and Youtube page

More Skateboarding >>

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Timmy Garbett in "Ravenous"

If you was wondering who that guy was on the skegness edit doing switch double heelflips over the driveway.....

More Skateboarding >>
It's our new boy Timmy Garebett from up North

Monday, 15 March 2010


Portrait by LEX

Our boy Boots has been going a bit silly lately. Skating everyday no matter what, filming bangers non stop and getting himself on the cover of SIDEWALK MAGAZINE this month all while planning his up-coming marriage in a few months.

We managed to pin him down one night at the death house and ask him about the cover went down and a few top 3's too.

Alright Booty, congrats on the cover mate. Thats some good work! You shot that on the weekend of Rob Smiths pro party right? Tell us about how it all went down and how much effort went into it.

That weekend was rad! Yeah i've wanted that trick for a while since i learnt it a few years ago and couldn't find the right spot I tried it at a couple of different spots but had no luck. Finally after maybe a year of thinking about it we went there but i only got 1 proper attempt. I ollied, slid all the way down and jumped off, looked up and security was there to bust us. I was really bummed just because i had wanted to do it for so long. Then Robs pro party was coming up, Chris Johnson was hassling me to give it another go so I went up with the Team to Manchester. We went to Central skatepark and skated for a bit, straight to the after party and got shitfaced! Then we heard of an after after party and headed over there, got there and puked more than i ever have in my life. We went into the house an within seconds we were in the kitchen lookin for food. Cates grabbed a fire extinguisher, thinking it was a water one he fires it at Steak but it was one of them powder ones and the house was thick with powder, literally couldnt see my hand in front of my face, we get the boot from the party about 3 maybe 4 minutes after we arrived, shortest house party ever! Made our way back to Central skatepark to sleep for 4 hours on the shop floor then had to get up coz the shop was opening at 8am. I felt awful all day so i was gonna give the hubba a miss but radman wanted to go there to check it out so we did. When we got there i thought fuck it not here that often so il give it a go, guess i got lucky! Yeah nearly 2 years in the making, thanks sidewalk for the cover!

Top 3's

Tricks you wish you could do:

Airs on vert
Flip front crooks
Nollie heels

Tricks you have witnessed:

Danny Mayer kickflip mctwist at Nass
Silas Baxter Neal fronside flipping the bollock (harrow park)
Pretty much every trick Chris Cole did at southbank

Front board pop over:
Rob Shaw

Dan Cates quotes:

"Stop fucking men" (to Toby Batchelor while he was on the phone to his girlfriend)
"All women need to be institutionalised"
"I have been looking around the house all day to find places to hang myself and the only place is the loft"

Video parts ever:

Geoff Rowley-Sorry
Heath Kirchart-Mind field
Jim Greco-Baker 2G

Frontside noseslide.
Rob Shaw

Games of skate moves:

Frontside nollie heels
Late shuvs
Switch front shove

Mini ramp go to moves:

Fakie picker
Rocket drop in
Back tails

Frontside Feeble
Pic: Rob Shaw

Skaters to watch:

Josh Cox
Timmy Garbett

Tesco express snacks:

Tescos own trifle
2 burgers for 2 pounds
12 taco challenge

Here's a few tricks filmed in between the wetness in about a 30 minutes

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Late night snack at the Death house

Cates said it tasted better than it looked

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Team building chicken party

When it's to wet to skate we just all try and get together and have chicken/tattoo parties at Radmans. Here's a couple photo's from the last one and there's more on Amoss's blog

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Them Australians are always on it

Here's one of the best guys in the universe, Rhys Grogan, backlipping for Schooners image capturing box

More good photos on Schooners Blog

Friday, 5 March 2010


More Skateboarding >>

Thursday, 4 March 2010

New Sidewalk!

Boots is on a complete killing spree right now! BS noseblunt in the middle of winter up in Manchester after 4 hours sleep on a skatepark floor! Booooom

Online interview on here coming very soon

Monday, 1 March 2010

Nicolson Unused Outtakes Section!!

Following hot on the heels of Cates' outtakes/leftover part uploaded last week, heres Mark's footage outtakes from Better Than Life (2007), Escape From Boredom (2005!) and even a couple of newer clips thrown in for good measure.

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