Monday, 28 April 2008

The House Skatepark's 10th Birthday - Sheffield

Hi All, Just a quick event for your Diary.

Try to be there, its free!

Visit them here for more details.

Sunday, 27 April 2008


If you google AMOSS, you'll find the definition "Alarm Monitoring Operational Support System" amongst other things. Well that's all wrong. AMOSS is the given nickname of Death team rider Adam Moss and he's been put on Crossfire's "moves" page with this mega nollie down some mega stairs. Mega!
Click the image for it to go and get bigger. More AMOSS goodness soon.

Thursday, 24 April 2008

Save Harrow Jam 2008

The "Save Harrow Jam" went down last Saturday (19th May). I just stole a bunch of photos from numerous sites. Big ups to Sam Ashley, Twiggy, Paul Mckeown, Crossfire, Tackyworld and all the others.

Click here to watch the video on Tackyworld.

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

War Of The Thistles

Sidewalk magazine's online news page has the below clips of the recent mentalness that was day one of War Of The Thistles held at Transition Extreme in Aberdeen, Scotland and day two in Dumbarton. Death team riders Andy Scott and Benson showed some top notch transition skills along with Death Wheels team rider Aaron Sweeney.

  • Day One

More Skateboarding Videos >>

  • Day Two

More Skateboarding Videos >>

Monday, 21 April 2008

A Special Board For A Special Man

Cates premiered his new secret weapon at the Harrow Jam on Saturday.

More photos and footage coming soon (hopefully).

Thursday, 17 April 2008

It's Almost Time Again

The annual carnage that is Document Magazine's "Big Push" is almost upon us again. The team's have been announced and of course, Death Skateboards will be there.

I'm sure that by now you've seen Death skateboard's Big Push edit from last year. No? Oh, OK then, here it is again.

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Flight Of The Condor

Hosted on the Crossfire site is this sequence of Death rider Ben Cundall doing his thing. The sequence was taken by Death's best friend, Styley who will soon be filling up his own blog over in Japan land. Click the image so your eyes can see it proper.

Limited Edition Decks

Get yourself down to your local skater owned shop and see if you can get hold of one of the 100 limited edition 10th anniversary Death decks that are on sale now.

If you don't manage to find one of them, do make sure to buy one of the many other Death boards available. There's a new "Products" image in the sidebar of this blog so click it to see all the latest Death products.

Monday, 14 April 2008


Does COD stand for Captain Of Dyeing? Well Horsey could claim that he is just that as he has knocked up another batch of the ever popular Death tie-dye t-shirts as mentioned in a previous post.

Or does it stand for Compulsive Obsessive Disorder? Maybe, he is a weird one.

But COD currently stands for Call Of Duty, Call Of Duty 4 to be precise, on Xbox Live on which he constantly commits murders during the wet weather we are having at the moment. I'm just bitter as I suck at it.
Anyway, here he is leaping in America during dry weather.

Friday, 11 April 2008

Sardine Land

So here is a little story in pictures from a recent trip to the island of Sardinia with Cates, Boots, Styley, our friend John Tanner and myself. Not an official Death trip, more like some mates trying to escape the British winter shitness! Enjoy!

Styley organised and drove the hire car, something which is essential in Sardinia. Thanks Styley!!
It really makes a difference driving to a spot rather than walking miles everyday and being too tired to even stand up, let alone skate! (Rather like our Istanbul skate/hiking trip we went on two weeks later. Blog coming soon!)

Our accommodation was pretty ghetto, we wouldn't have minded but the room Boots and I were sharing had seven blankets on the bed, which caused some confusion til the first night- Below zero temps, window and doors with huge gaps and NO HEATING!

We were also woken up at 6am every day with what sounded like chickens and a heard of goats on the roof.

Boots ruined his ankle the very first time we tried to skate! Rested for three days (Torture on a trip like this) and then rolled it again! Luckily it was nothing too serious, he's fully better now.

No coping? No problem!


A mini broom for a mini Cates.

Sardinia RPRZNT!!!

Boots tried setting up a new board to cheer himself up.... didnt work.

Here you have the standard rewind huddle, with the added bonus of it being Styley who was getting his shred on for the camera.

It never feels like you are on holiday until you get in the sea. Fucking freezing.

A Cactus

An out-of-season water park is the stuff dreams are made of! Unfortunately too much mess, not enough hours of light, too many miles to drive back and too many weird farmer/inbred lurkers around. A real shame, we tried our best!

This restaurant was next door to the ice hotel and made up of loads of hollowed out tunnels. We had pizza for dinner here everyday! Eight euros with a beer, so rad.

Poser of the month! We looked for this hubba high and low. Captain Styley found it on the second to last night! Dan recreates a photo that was taken here once, shortly before Boots tried skating on his balloon ankle one last time and did one of the best things i have ever seen in my life.

Well, see ya later!

Here We Go Again

Following the hot success of the last batch, I got back into my tie dye HQ

and whipped up another load of 100 lickidy split

go get one before they sell out again!

Sunday, 6 April 2008


I've been talking about doing a write up for the Death Blog for ages and being the lazy get I am and coupled with it snowing outside I thought it'd be a good idea to start.

I had the idea of going home (Darlington) for a day and skate some of the old spots I used to skate when I was a kid. Thought it'd be nice taking Jonny McNair and Moggins with me, also a crew consisting of Scott Hardy, The Brow, Rob from't House and Chung. The idea was take some photos and film some sick shit.

The day starts the night before, I answered the phone to Moggins, he backed out, some thing to do with an injury, I personally think he's a bit soft and wasn't really up for skating the rough streets of Darlo. Fuck, 1 down, I thought I'd make sure Jonny was still in and sent him a don't get fucked up message "it's still on, early start!".

The morning came, it was pissing down in sheffield, I had been checking the weather forecast the week prior and it was always going to be hit or miss, Unfortunately Jonny thought it was definately off and went out and got fucked up anyway, Glad he got my message! I had spoken to Rob earlier, (he is of course a proper adult and when he says he's doing something he's definately doing it), He came and got me and we collected what was left of Jonny.
And headed up to the Brows

After an hour or so on the road we arrived at Darlington and after a few phone calls to various people we managed to get quite a little crew together and headed down to the South Park, this is a place I grew up in as a kid, its got funny little bowl which I hadn't really skated before so what looking forward to it.

Rock 'n' Roll
Jonny post hangover.
The one and only Mr Scott Hardy

We were running a tight ship so couldn't spend too much time there, I could've spent all day. We had other places to check out so we decided to go street skating the old Blockbusters (formally comet) Bank was the first spot. Just as good as I remember.

Wallride Shuv

The weather pretty good all day apart from wind.

Jonny and his coat.

Chung, taking a break from shooting photos and enjoying a kickflip.

Danny was there. Ollie to Road

We were a bit worried about light and everyone fancied a change so we went up to Prissick in the Boro, again the wind was a nightmare but we had a good laugh.

Angry Drop-in from Jonny
Wallie Wall Ride

Scott destroyed this rail, Nose Grind



Jonny wiping his nose on the hubba

Started to loose light by this point and thought we might as well check out one last spot, Ladies and gentlemen I present to you:

Halfcab Blunt

Scott Ollie

The Brow, Pivot fakie.

Hurworth is always a treat to go to but to light it up like that was amazing. We got footage of the whole day and as soon as Rob and myself get some time well put a little edit together and link it through.

All the photos but 1 were taken by Chung

See you fuckers later!

Oh and a special thanks to Rob from the House for all the driving etc.
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