Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Heel toe magic

Ages ago (last week) there was a premier in London town for Andy Evans latest skateboard masterpiece named "Heel toe magic". The video was seriously banging with parts from Ben Raemers, Mike Wright, Death urethanes Greg Norwick and skits featuring Mark Munson as himself and a spaceship made from a Osiris D3.

Churchell and Kris Vile

Cates happy to see Sam Bruce

The boss Zorlac, Stalker and Horsey

Manu Palacios and Ben Bodilly from Kr3w& Supra

Nowick had a part too. Churchill acted in it

Jason Canes and CJ mate

Stalker had a good one

More heel-toe-magic Skateboarding >>

It's out in a couple weeks so make sure you get your self a copy

Pritchard V Dainton

Last week we caught a Pritchard & Dainton show just down from the House of Doom in Watford. Blood was spilt and young ladies dreams came true with scribbles on their boobs

hook to the ear

Cates dont mess about when he's backstage

Horse, The Boss and Falcon

Pritchard and Zorlac

nice balls dude

what would your mums say

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Extremely Sorry premier

Friday night was the Extremely sorry premier in London somewhere. There was a huge turnout, Zac from CROSSFIRE reckons about 700 people. In amongst the carnage a few photos managed to get taken and here they is

Jeremy Fox and Zorlac

Stalker and Ben Powell

Amoss and Dan Clarke

Horsey, Ben Powell and Jake

Horsley and Andy Evans

Lance Mountain and Shaun Witherup

Horsley and Crossfire Zac

Ben Bodilly and Ben Powell


Mr Mike Wright

Kingpin Alex Irvine


check it brah

just picked up my surfboard skate from my shaper, it had been there for two yearsthe thing does not turn or handle bumps very well, and i just found out it was a knee board at one time. knee kooks!
you cant catch every wave bro

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Lucky 7's with Monk


Monk's back with 7 questions for death very own caveman Moggins

1. Yo moggins, where you at mate and how are you?

1. Eyup!! Im in Chesterfield at the moment gonna go down the skateapark, Im alright tired as fuck from the ripped allnighter the other night still but fuck it!!

2. You was over in the usa recently, how was it?

2. America was sick as fuck!! Got to skate pools, mt baldy and the berrics!! Plus theyve got amazing weed and tiny beers that you can drink hundreds of.

3. So you've been building some terrain,whats the deal there?

3. Yeh the wizard ditch!! Me and my mate Tom have been cementing some stuff down there, Ive had some more inspiration after skating Zarosh's DIY park.

4. I've seen some of your footage for the next vid and im down,have you
been filming much lately? any bangers?

4. Not been filming loads recently Ive just bought a camera and a lens so we've been practicing with it before we go and try and film owt good.

el moggins

5. Now the winter is nearly here,where will you be skating?

5. As if the winter's gonna stop me!! Just gotta go to a park or find someehwere undercover to shred!! Ive got some screws and shit in my ankle that ache like fuck in the cold weather though.

6. Any plans for the new year?

6. Hopefully there'll be the usual beginning of the year death trip away to some strange place. Beers and bro-downs!!

7. Last grunts, i mean words?


Monday, 21 September 2009

Lucky 7's with Monk

Here's a new little feature "Lucky 7's with Monk". It's just 7 question's from Deaths part time filmer and full time madman Dan Monk.

Today its with Richie Jackson

1 hi featch,where are you right now?

1. Hi Monk! I just got back to Sydney.

2 you have been travelling around for a while now,where have you been?

2. Was in the US for three months, LA and NY. I also went to Canada but I barely remember it because I was pretty messed up!

3 how was the berrics,it looks good fun there?

3. Yes, it's really good fun. Slippery as fuck.

4 i moved out of my flat recently and found one of your smelly ipath socks,how are ipath treating you?

4. Ipath fly me around the world and treat me well! Wouldn't want to ride for any other shoe company.

5 now i know your a filming mad case,whats the latest thing youve filmed or is it top secret?

5. Secret

6 any plans for the new year?

6. I plan on getting used to looking at "2010"

7 last words?

7. Create your mark on the planet while you're here!

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Big push 2009

Looks like its Tattoo time on the Big Push 2009.
Rob Smith and Benson ended up tattooing each other, looks like they've
been on the unleaded again!

Friday, 11 September 2009

el moggins

Moggins is currently in the estados unidoshe is learning spanish and skating ditches hes not supposed to be skating

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Skate stop this

Boots FS feebles on a secret new spot in north north London

Pic. Rob Shaw

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Trickipedia Tuesdays with Melcher

Check out some backside hurricanes with Melcher over at the Berrics right NOW

Friday, 4 September 2009

10 tricks with Horsey

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Trickipedia Tuesdays with the Featch

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